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CE Approved H05VV-F Cable

  • Conductor: Copper
  • Insulation: PVC,
  • Insulation Color: Any Color
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C
  • Nominal Voltage: 300V/500V
  • Test Voltage: 1000V
  • Standard:RoHS CE


  • Conductor

    Plain Annealed Copper Class 5 

  • Insulation

    PVC T

  • Sheath

    PVC Type 1

    Min Operating Temperature


  • Max Operating Temperature


  • Sheath Colours


  • Current Carrying Capacity

    For current ratings refer to table RoHS CE.

The Characteristics of H05VV-F Cable

Available for external & internal wiring of electrical instrument, power device & automatic device without forcible traction. Without direction, at times for movable wiring.
CE Approved H05VV-F Cable
Good mechanical properties, excellent electrical insulation, good chemical stability and water resistance.
CE Approved H05VV-F Cable
H05VV-F Cable Structure:
Features: Super fine conductor, flexible for small bending angle Durable for certain external mechanical forces



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