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High Temperature Cable and Wire

ZW Cable is the leading manufacturer of high temperature cable in the world. Learn more about us today. The high temperature cable warranty is 70 years.

High Temperature wire Introduces 

A range of single core and multicore cables for temperatures ranging from -190°C to +1565°C. Suitable for use in foundries, bakeries, glass and ceramics factories. Teflon wire and silicone cable are belong to high temperature wire. We can produce many kinds of high temp wire such as heat resistant wire,high temperature wire 18 awg and 10 gauge high temp wire. The characteristics of high temperature wire is heat insulated cable. The out jacket outstanding resistance oil, weather and UV radiation. Choose ZW be your best high temperature cable manufacturer.

High Temperature Wire Specification

Our high temperature cables can withstand continuous operating temperatures of 105°C and are fully compliant with British (BS), Canadian (CSA) and American (UL) standards for switchgear and panel wire applications. Our silicone cables, due to their wide temperature range, are often used in refrigeration and furnace applications. Our high temp wire sometimes referred to as high performance braided glass fibre or mica glass ribbon cable, can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C, while our mineral insulated cables are heat resistant to 950oC.

High Temperature wire application

High temperature wire can be found in hot and harsh environments. These applications typically include motor leads and internal wiring for appliances such as refrigeration equipment, heat pumps, clothes dryers, lighting fixtures, commercial and industrial ovens, room coolers, and electrical ranges. High-temperature wire can also be found in steel mills, glassworks and chemical plants.

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