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Solar Cable & Wire |PV Wire

ZW solar cable can be used in solar project. ZW will help you choose the right solar cables and wires, pv wires. The solar cable warranty is 70 years.

Solar Cable and Solar Wire

ZW is a professional photovoltaic cable manufacturer. We will help you choose the best solar cable. Our pv wires are tinned copper and double XLPO. We can produce different solar cable types such as solar cable 4mm, solar cable 6mm, and mc4 cable. We also can manufacture solar battery cable. Solar cables are an interconnection cable for photovoltaic power generation. PV Cables connect solar panels to other electrical components of the photovoltaic system. Solar wires are designed to be UV resistant and weather resistant. Photovoltaic cable can be used over a wide temperature range and are usually placed outdoors.

Advantage of PV wire:

1.Dual wall insulation. Electron beam cross-linked 

2.Excellent resistance to U.V, oil, greases, oxygen, and ozone

3.Excellent resistance to abrasion  

4.Halogen-free, flame retardant, low toxicity         

5.Excellent flexibility and stripping performance     

6.High Voltage and Current carrying capacity         

7.TUV  approved

8. 25 years

The difference between Solar cable and normal cable.

Solar panel cable is UV resistant, and has a winder temperature range. The life service for PV wire is 25 years. The insulation is double XLPO. Solar panel wire is suitable for outdoor and often in hot areas. PVC cable is not UV resistant. The working temperature is 90 degree to -10 degree. PVC cable only be used indoors. The conductors for pvc cable is copper.

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