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H07RN-F Cable

  • Conductor: Copper
  • Insulation: Brown, Blue, Black, Grey, Green-Yellow
  • Insulation Color: Black
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +90°C
  • Nominal Voltage: 450/750V
  • Test Voltage: 1000V
  • Standard: IEC

H07RN-F Cable Specification

  • Conductor

    Plain Annealed Copper Class 5

  • Insulation


  • Sheath


  • Min Operating Temperature


  • Max Operating Temperature


  • Core Colours

    Any Colors

  • Sheath Colours


  • Current Carrying Capacity

    For current ratings refer to table 4F3 of BS7671 IEC

What is H07RN- F cable?

The cable is marked H07RN-F indicates VDE Cable, rubber cable wire, rubber cable, outdoor rubber cable, etc.) It is highly flexible and has resistance to weather, oil.grease, mechanical and thermal stress. Applications include handling equipment, mobile power, construction sites, stage and audio-visual equipment, port areas and dams. It is also suitable for plaster fixtures, temporary buildings and homes, drainage and sewage disposal in military camps, cold environments and harsh industrial environments. 
H07RN-F Cable conforms GB and IEC standard.
Instructions for use of the H07RN-F Cable:
1. Maximum working temperature: 90℃.   
2. Minimum ambient temperature: fixed laying -40℃.   
3. Rated voltage: 450/750V.   
4. Conductor material: pure copper.   
5. Insulation material: EPDM Rubber  
6. Sheath material: chlorinated polyethylene rubber (CPE).  
7. Standard core color: brown/blue/yellow-green.   
8. Product range: various LED indoor and outdoor lighting (buried lights, submersible lights, lawn lights, stage lights, wall washer lights, pool lights, spotlights, mosquito control lights, waterproof power supply, etc.) and various household appliances: pressure cookers, light-wave ovens, electric frying pans, irons, microwave ovens, ovens, submersible pumps, toaster ovens and other types of electric tools.   
9. The main characteristics of the product: sun protection, waterproof, oil-proof, temperature resistance, cold resistance, UV resistance, anti-aging, flame retardant. 
What is different between H05RN-F and H07RN-F?
H05 is rated at 300 to 500V, H07 is rated at 450V to 750V, H05 has a smaller outer diameter and H07 has a larger outer diameter. The conductor structure of both is the same, but the thickness of the insulated conductor of H05RN-F is smaller than that of H07RN-F.
What are prices of H07RN-F Cable?
H07RN-F have many differences sizes such as H07RN-F 3G1.5 and H07RN-F 3G2.5. Their prices are different. The large size, the higher price.

H07RN-F datasheet

Nominal section(mm2) No./dia. of core(mm) Average dia.(mm) Reference weight(kg/km) Conductor resistance at 20℃(Ω/km)
H07RN-F 2*1.5 30/0.25 9.3 13.3 12.1
H07RN-F 3*1.5 30/0.25 10.3 13.3 7.41
H07RN-F 3*2.5 49/0.25 11.8 7.09 4.61
H07RN-F 3*4.0 56/0.30 13.5 4.95 3.08
H07RN-F 3*6.0 84/0.30 15.4 3.3 1.83
H07RN-F 4*4.0 56/0.30 15.2 4.95 1.15
H07RN-F 5*4.0 56/0.30 16.9 4.95 0.727


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