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Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSZH Cables

  • Conductor: Copper
  • Insulation: XLPE
  • Insulation Color: Red-Yellow-Green-Blue
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C
  • Nominal Voltage: 0.6/1KV
  • Test Voltage:3.5KV
  • Standard: IEC

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Specification

  • Conductor

    Plain Annealed Copper Class 2 

  • Insulation


  • Sheath


  • Min Operating Temperature


  • Max Operating Temperature


  • Core Colours

    4 Core -Red-Yellow-Green-Blue

  • Sheath Colours


  • Current Carrying Capacity

    For current ratings refer to IEC Strandard

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables stands for Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable, sometimes also abbreviated as LSOH. They are intended for use in applications where smoke emissions and toxic fumes could pose risks to human health and/or vital equipment in a fire situation. These cables are also sometimes referred to as LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) cables. LSZH cables produce extremely low levels of smoke and toxic fumes with zero acidic gases.These cables are designed for areas where the integrity of the electrical circuit is critical in maintaining power supply. Applications can be found in emergency lightings, control and power circuits, power stations, fire alarm sysems, underground tunnels, communication systems, sewage treatment plants, lifts, escalators and high-rise buildings 
BS 6724, BS6387, SS299-1, IEC60502-1, IEC60331, IEC60332-1, IEC60332-3, IECC60754, IEC61034
LSZH wire characteristics:
(1) tensile strength than ordinary PVC wire and large: Usually PVC wire tensile strength greater than 1.05Kgf / mm2, while LSZH wire tensile strength greater than 1.2Kgf / mm2;
(2) has good weather resistance (-30 ℃ ~ 105 ℃);
(3) have a good softness (hardness 80-90);
(4) having a non-metastatic (Because this product formulations without the addition of plasticizers, so there will be no shift pleomorphic);
(5) does not produce toxic smoke when burned (will produce a small amount of white smoke);
(6) has a higher volume resistivity: PVC wire is generally 1012 ~ 1015Ω / cm3, is greater than the wire halogen 1016Ω / cm3;
(7) has a good high voltage characteristics: PVC wire and generally resistant to more than 10KV, 15KV and low smoke zero halogen wire up above;
(8) has a good elasticity and viscosity.
LSZH cables, low smoke low halogen characteristics, when a fire occurs, slow the spread, low smoke density, high visibility, harmful gas emissions small, easy evacuation. Combustion gas is less corrosive, but also to avoid damage to equipment, low-halogen, halogen-free, which makes the cable materials greatly enhance the anti-aging and resistance to ultraviolet radiation and other properties, thus extending the life.

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(1) MUTUAL BENEFIT: Our offer will be reasonable, our price will be cheaper in the same quality.

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Q: Can I order one piece for sample to test the quality?

A: Yes, We recommend to check the sample before order.


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A: Yes, just send us your quality details, such as the material, what cheaper parts instead etc, we will do that as your request and calculate the price.


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A: Please send the details enquiry to us, such as the Item Number, Quantity for each item, Quality request, Logo, Payment Terms, Transport method, Discharge place etc.

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