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Supper Flexible Battery Cable

  • Conductor: Copper
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Insulation Color: Red,Black
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +90°C
  • Nominal Voltage: 450/750V
  • Test Voltage: 1000V
  • Standard:IEC

Flexible Battery Cable Specification

  • Conductor

    Plain Annealed Copper Class 

  • Insulation


  • Sheath


  • Min Operating Temperature


  • Max Operating Temperature


  • Core Colours


  • Sheath Colours


  • Current Carrying Capacity

    For current ratings refer to IEC

The Characteristics of Flexible Battery Cable

Flexible Battery Cable is typically rated 600 volts but can also be rated 100 volts. The cable is known for its flexibility and durability, and many automatic and manual welding applications require the cable to hold up to repeated movement over rough surfaces.
Supper Flexible Battery Cable
Extra Flexibility:
When high flexibility required, battery cable shall make a substitute.
Battery Cable Wire Advantage:
High performance of resistant to abrasion, cracking and a variety of chemicals including gasoline, oils, diesel fuels, grease, and acid.
Battery Cable Amperage Capacity Chart
According to amps and legth. I will show some lists for your recommend.
Battery Cable Size                                            50  Amps                                           200 Amps
2 awg Battery Cable                                           29ft                                                   7.4ft
4 gauge Battery Cable                                       18.8ft                                                 4.7ft
6 gauge Battery Cable Wire                               11.8ft                                                  2.9ft
1 awg Battery Cable                                          37.7ft                                                 9.4
1/0  Battery Cable                                             47.5ft                                                 11.9ft
2/0 Battery Cable                                              60ft                                                    15ft
What is flexible battery wire used for??
Flexible Battery cable can be used Marine Battery Cable / Boat Battery Cable /Solar Battery Bank Array Forklift Charging Cables Power Inverter Cables Welding Cable Leads Golf Cart Battery Cables Amplifier Wiring ...and many other uses
Can I buy battery cable by foot?
Yes, you can. Most of sizes we have in stock. We can sell 2 gauge battery cable by foot and 4 gauge battery cable by foot.
How to distinguish battery cables postive and negative??
Usually it is marked. If you can not see it clearly, you need to measure it with a multimeter.
what is the most fleixble battery cable?
This supper flexible battery cable is made of hundreds of very fine pure copper strands with a thick but very flexible insulation for maximum vibration resistance.

Flexible Battery Cable Parameter

Conductor Size Stranding(0.25mm)225 Conductor Diameter(in.) Insulation Thickness(in.) Total Diameter(in.) Max Amp
6 AWG 253 0.20 0.06 0.32 115
4 AWG 370 0.23 0.06 0.35 150
2 AWG 634 0.30 0.06 0.42 205
1/0 1004 0.47 0.08 0.53 285
2/0 1255 0.43 0.08 0.59 325
4/0 2047 0.56 0.08 0.72 440


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