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Trailer Wire & Cable

ZW trailer wire can be used in trailers and trucks project. ZW will help you choose the right trailer wire and cable.Browse trailer wire selection here.

Introduction of Trailer wire

Trailer Wire is a multi-conductor Cable. The main size for trailer cable are 4 wire trailer wire, 6 conductor trailer wire,  and 7-way trailer wire . Heavy duty trailer wire Sold in either pre-cut lengths, or available in spools. Manufactured with a PVC over-all jacket outside and general purpose primary wire inside. The single conductors are stranded copper, and each conductor is color-coded for identification purposes. Very tough cable with resistance to cracking, abrasion, oil, grease, acid, and weather. Choose trailer cable conductor configuration, or scroll down for our full list of multi-conductor trailer wiring.

What size is trailer wire?

Trailer wiring generally uses 14 gauge. We also can produce 16 gauge and 12 gauge according to requirements. We have 14 gauge trailer wire in stock. We can sold 14/7 trailer wire by meet.

Color Code for trailer wiring

2 Conductor: Red, Black

4 Conductor: Red, Yellow, Green, Brown

6 Conductor: Red, Yellow, Black, White, Green, Brown

7 Conductor: Red, Yellow, Black, White, Green, Brown, Blue

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