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What is Solar Cable?

September 16, 2020

                                                                                                               what is solar cable

Why we need solar cable

Having so many environmental problems, because of the waste of natural resources and not taking care of nature, the earth is becoming dried out, and the mankind seeks the ways to find alternative ways, the alternative power energy is already found and is called Solar Energy, gradually Solar photovoltaic industry is getting more and more attention as within time their prices go down and a lot of people considers solar energy as an alternative one for their offices or house power. They find it cheap, clean and reliable. On the background of the increased interest towards the Solar energy, it is expected to increase the demand on solar cables that consists of tinned copper, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4.0mm and etc. will be described a bit later. The solar cables are the current transmission mediums of solar energy power generation. They are nature-friendly and much safer than its predecessors. They are interconnecting solar panels.


Solar cable benefits

Solar cables have a lot of benefits besides being nature-friendly they stand out among others with durability that lasts around 30 years regardless of the weather condition, temperatures and they are ozone resistant. Solar cables are protected against ultraviolet rays. It is characterized with low smoke emission, less toxicity, and corrosivity in the fire. Solar cables can withstand flames and fire, they can be easily installed and they are recycled without problems as modern regulations about environment require. Their different colors enable their fast identification.


Solar Cable Production Process

Solar cables are made of tinned copper, solar cable 4.0mm, solar cable 6.0mm, solar cable 16.0mm, solar cable cross-linked Polyolefin Compound and zero halogen polyolefin compound.All the above should be envisaged to produce nature friendly so called green energy cables. When producing them, they should feature the following: weather resistant, resistant to mineral oils and acids and alkaline. Its maximum conductor temperature of operation should be 120Cͦ for 20 000 hours, minimum should be -40ͦC. As for electrical features, they should possess the following: voltage rating1.5 (1.8) KV DC / 0.6/1.0 (1.2) KV AC, high-6.5 KV DC for 5 minutes.


Solar cables should also be resistant to impact, abrasion and tear, its minimum bending radius should be not more than 4 times of overall diameter. It should be characterized by its safe pulling force--50 N/sqmm.The cable’s insulation must withstand thermal and mechanical loads, and accordingly plastics been cross-linked are increasingly used today, they not only withstand severe weather conditions and are suitable for outdoor usage, but also are salt water resistant, and due to the halogen-free flame resistant cross-linked jacket material they can be used indoors in dry conditions.


Envisaging the above information solar energy and its main source solar cables are very safe, durable, resistant to environmental impacts and very reliable. What is more important they will do no harm to the environment and there is no fear that there will be the power cut off or some other problems, what the majority of the population is facing during power provision problems. No matter what, houses or offices will have a guaranteed current and they will not be interrupted during working, no time is wasted, not much money is spent and no hazardous fumes are emitted during its working causing so much damage to heat and to nature.

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